Richmond Practice – Calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index)

Richmond Practice – Calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index)

Log in Sign up. Home Pregnancy Health Plus-size and pregnant. Chrissie Hammonds Midwife sonographer. The images may lack detail and look fuzzy. This is because of the way ultrasound scans work. A scan sends high-frequency soundwaves through your uterus womb. These bounce off your baby and the echoes are turned into an image on a screen. If you have more body tissue for the waves to travel through, the echo that comes back will be weaker.

How to optimize imaging in the obese gravida

Our team have taken new measures to decrease the risk of the spread of the virus. Our Centre is cleaned between each and every appointment. If you or your loved ones have a high fever or new continuous cough. We advise you not to attend our scan centre if you or your family are at high risk of developing or passing the virus on. An early pregnancy scan can help provide you with peace of mind and find out for certain how your pregnancy is progressing.

This test is non-invasive involving an ultrasound scan then a simple and safe blood test from the mother’s arm.

We also perform “dating scans” to accurately date the pregnancy. Bleeding and or pain are relatively common early in a pregnancy but understandably these.

Ultrasound scans are very important during your pregnancy and can tell us a lot of information about your baby. Ultrasound is used to check that your baby is growing and developing as expected. Having a scan can be very exciting; if everything is OK you get to see your baby! Scans are performed by specially trained staff in ultrasound known as sonographers. The sonographer usually puts some gel on your tummy and moves a small, hand-held probe a transducer over your skin to get views of your baby.

High frequency sound waves are used to transmit images of your baby onto a computer screen. The quality of these images may therefore be poor and so the sonographer has a reduced ability to detect problems and there is a greater chance that an abnormality can be missed. This means that not all abnormalities may be seen by scanning, especially at the 20 weeks scan.

We understand that some patients may find it difficult or embarrassing to talk about their weight. Please be reassured that all health professionals will be sensitive towards you and your own situation. Sometimes the sonographer will have to apply a firm pressure in order to improve the quality of the ultrasound beam to be able to visualise our baby clearly.

Appointments, tests and scans

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Kim Mackenzie-Morris Midwife sonographer and expert on scans. This is because of the way ultrasound scans work.

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Please refresh the page and retry. O bese teenagers show signs of brain damage, research has found. Scans comparing their brains those with adolescents of healthy weight found inflammation in the white matter, which may make it harder for them to control their eating habits. MRI scans of the brains showed changes in the areas related to control of emotions, and feelings of reward.

Co-author Dr Pamela Bertolazzi, a biomedical scientist at Sao Paulo University in Brazil, said: “Brain changes found in obese adolescents related to important regions responsible for control of appetite, emotions and cognitive functions. The scans were used to examine the condition of white matter in the participants – 59 of whom were obese and 61 healthy.

T he results showed such changes in the obese individuals, in the regions in the corpus callosum – a bundle of nerve fibres that connects the left and right hemispheres of the brain. A decrease was also found in the middle orbitofrontal gyrus, an area related to emotional control and the reward circuit. And there was a relationship between the pattern of damage and inflammatory markers like leptin, a hormone made by fat cells that helps regulate energy levels and fat stores.

In some obese people, the brain does not respond to leptin, causing them to keep eating despite adequate or excessive fat stores. Worsening condition of the white matter was also associated with levels of insulin, a hormone produced in the pancreas that helps regulate blood sugar levels. Obese people often suffer from insulin resistance, a state in which the body is resistant to the effects of the hormone.

Scans in the first trimester

Now comes the moment when you might get to see your baby for the first time — the week scan. We run through what scans are and what to expect on the day. This is often just called a scan. The scan builds a picture from the way high-frequency sound waves from a probe passed over your tummy reflect off your baby in your womb Whitworth et al, ; NHS, a; NHS, b. Because of this, the week scan can also be called a dating scan NHS, c.

Dating scan or Nuchal Translucency. (NT) of a NT scan include: • Accurate dating of the pregnancy Overweight women may actually lose weight during.

Any questions? Call – lines open 8am – 8pm Mon – Fri 8am – 4pm Sat – Sun. Glimpse into your baby’s world Call us: Mon – Fri 8am – 8pm Sat – Sun 8am – 4pm. Will we be able to depict your unborn baby with that same level of detail? The short answer is yes, for the vast majority of scans we perform. That said, we will always endeavour to obtain the very best result achievable, working with you to encourage your baby into the best possible position; however, whilst a change of position can, in most cases, be achieved with the aid of sugar stimulation, there are other factors that may affect image quality and resolution.

All ultrasound scans obtain images via the reflection of sound waves, which penetrate from the probe placed on your belly through to your baby and back again. The image then displayed is the result of this reflection. In some cases, a high BMI can lead to a less than perfect result; however, our own experience has also identified that, in cases of a high BMI, clearer images can be achieved when the scan is performed slightly later between 29 and 30 weeks gestation.

Your baby will require room for movement. However, in the event that your baby is uncooperative on the day, a complimentary rescan will be offered on an alternative day where appropriate, and subject to terms and conditions. All of this being said, we’d like to say once again that unsatisfactory scans are very few and far between.

When will I have my first scan in pregnancy?

To find out what to do if you think you have symptoms, please visit Coronavirus symptom checker. Or visit our encyclopaedia page , which has general information and includes a BSL video. You’ll have a number of antenatal appointments during your pregnancy, and you’ll see a midwife or sometimes an obstetrician doctor specialising in pregnancy.

The dating scan can include a nuchal translucency NT scan, which is part of the problems Overweight and safe Pelvic health problems Diabetes in pregnancy.

Menu Close menu. Back to Your pregnancy and baby guide. All pregnant women in England are offered an ultrasound scan at around 8 to 14 weeks of pregnancy. This is called the dating scan. It’s used common see how far along in your pregnancy you are and check your baby’s development. Your midwife or doctor dating value you a dating scan appointment.

Pregnancy Scans in Women with Raised BMI

An ultrasound scan that helps the NHS confirm how many weeks pregnant you are, checks how your baby is developing – and gives you an amazing black and white photo to take home By Rachel Mostyn. They will also check that anatomically everything is where should be. Then you get your amazing pictures and you can tell the world!

Being overweight or obese increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, gallstones and/or diabetes (type 2). To arrange to meet with a.

See below for an interpretation of your BMI. Richmond Practice. When to consider desensitisation as a treatment option for hay fever? BCG for babies Immunisation Do all babies get persistently ill from nursery? Coping with colic Genetic screening Maternity factsheets Breastfeeding 3D and 4D baby scans Diet, exercise and lifestyle Reducing the risk of cot death Is Amniocentesis safe?

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